Am I registered for the Symposium

I have just tried to register for the symposium by logging in through the ADUG website and following the prompts. When it came to hitting the submit button, i was returned a message rejecting my application with the statement that I was already registered.

Looking through all my email messages, the only payment I can find refers to paying my annual subscription. Nothing for the symposium.

Please can someone confirm or refute that I am enrolled for the symposium, and if not what can be done to fix the subscription on the ADUG website?



After I finished typing the previous message I got a message from “ADUG Web Robot” telling me to pay.
As I am uncertain as to my registration status, I am reluctant to make a payment at this moment.

I am hopeful a committee member will advise in the near future.



Currently you are in the list of attendees with payment pending. How did you pay? If you used direct debit, the Treasurer will mark you as paid when the bank records are updated.

Our messages crossed. It seems you just need to pay.

Hi Colin,

You seem to have successfully registered for the Symposium today, so all you need to do is pay the 20 bucks. It’s probably best done at this stage by payment to our bank account - you probably have that info in one of the emails from our membership system. Let me know if not.

Frank Malcolm
ADUG Treasurer