Black Friday Delphi Sales 2022

I haven’t seen too many products on sale this year, but one that I was holding out for and purchased yesterday is Peganza: They’re doing 25% off on Pascal Analyzer, Pascal Expert and Pascal Browser:

The 25% discount also applies to the bundles, so I purchased the Pascal Analyzer and Pascal Expert bundle - worked out to only US$22 more for Pascal Expert.

When checking out, I’d highly recommend switching to and paying in USD. In addition to adding Australian GST, the site is charging another 10% or so for the currency conversion compared to letting my bank handle the conversion.

I haven’t spent a lot of time using it yet, but from I have done with it, I think that it’ll be well worth the cost even at full price. The number of reported “Issues” that aren’t really problems is quite high compared to the real problems that it has found so far, but it still beats manually reviewing my code for errors by far.

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I had been considering this for a while…

I bought it too. Thanks for the heads up!


Fellow Delphi developers,

For a few hours only, we are happy to offer a huge #BlackFriday 60% discount on HelpNDoc, an easy to use yet powerful help authoring tool producing CHM help files, responsive HTML 5 and mobile Websites, DocX and PDF manuals, Markdown documents, ePub and Kindle eBooks as well as Qt Help files from a single source:

This discount will only be available till Monday included. You can learn more about this huge discount here:

Best regards,

John, HelpNDoc team.

I missed this giant discount on the product. Been too busy. Should I wait for a gift like this next year? Next year, though, we’ll see. I’m not in a rush yet.