Camera component that does all the work for me


I would like to find a camera component that does all the work for me, i.e. I only have to set a property either in code or in the OI for the Android message and it will work both in Android and iOS.
Does Kastri do this? I’d rather have a component but I’ll take a class :smiley:


and I want one for windows, Linux and OSX… :slight_smile:

I had a play with the component a long time ago.

I think the Demo should go some way to what you want and as I recall I had it working on Windows as well


Yes, but there is a lot of boilerplate.
I’d rather have something I can just use.

Andrea, it may be a bit late for you now, but you may be interested in

I have sunk a lot of work into this: it is not quite as simple as you would like, but
it comes with 2 flavours of camera, and they both work, within their limitations.

Next interesting fact: both flavours of the camera work in the demo programme, but when I put the beast into the bigger programme for which it was designed, and use the .TakePhotoFromCameraAction version, I get the message:

java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Couldn’t find meta-data for provider with authority com.embarcadero.PeteA.fileprovider

(The programme is called PeteA).

Anyone know what this gobbledegook means please?

A couple of possibilities:

  1. The Secure File Sharing option in the Entitlements List of the Project Options is not checked
  2. The project may have been created for an older version of Delphi, and either this needs to happen:
    HowTo/Solutions/AndroidLibraries at main · DelphiWorlds/HowTo · GitHub
    and/or the <%provider%> section is missing from AndroidManifest.template.xml. Deleting the file and rebuilding (which should recreate it) should solve it in this case

Deleting the manifest and letting Delphi make a new one has fixed that problem, thanks Dave.

Any ideas on focus & zoom for CameraComponent? or is that to be fixed in Delphi 12? (I note that the focus code is there, but just as empty subroutines at this stage, and can’t find anything on zoom.)