Delphi 11.2 available

It’s 11.2 even though the page title says 11.1

It’s on the product portal now

I really wish @vincent your blog, which I consider to be one of the best roadmaps for the Delphi language in the last decade, had of been turned into a Todo list with priority. Its been 6 years now since you wrote it and it still remains relevant today, yet little progress has been made. Delphi is in a very sad state now and I don’t think the attitude we saw last night is going to win any new paying fan’s or drive any new serious corporate development anytime soon.

LOL if only… I have given up hope. The reality is they just don’t have the resources (people, money) to do it - not if they continue chasing the latest mobile breaking changes (which happens every few months it seems).

That’s the crux of it. It’s not that they don’t want to do some version of your language enhancements list, it’s that they just don’t the resources to deliver them.

And chasing the mobile platforms is important, maybe not for everyone, but these days whenever I’m selecting File | New Application I’m picking the FMX Multidevice option. I’m still doing plenty of VCL work, just not creating many new VCL applications. I’m guessing that is similar for most developers starting new Delphi projects.

And looking at your 2016 wishlist it has to be said that they have knocked over a respectable chunk of the low hanging fruit with inline variable declarations and allowing type inference of those inline declarations.

There’s more low hanging fruit from your list that I’d love to see implemented, try/except/finally would get my vote for next up. It really feels like it wouldn’t be all that hard to do either. :wink:

I’m not sure we’re ever going to see lamdas and LINQ in Delphi though, and to be honest that’s probably OK. Not great but it’s not terrible either.

In the email I got about 11.2, one of the features is:

a popular customer request to visually indicate inactive code in the code editor

Has anyone seen this? What does it look like?

I saw it in the demo. It’s a good idea. Code that is IFDEFed out appears greyed out.

Should be great reading the RTL source code in particular. That’s getting pretty convoluted these days with all the different platforms.

It’s basically alpha blending a rectangle over the code - I have seen some people suggest it can cause issues with scrolling the code but I haven’t experienced that so far.

I did a follow up to that post with a list of the features

Right now my favourite item would be lamdas - anonymous methods are just too verbose.

I’m not sure the will is there to implement these things now - really hard to tell as these days the delphi dev team is pretty much a black box - hard pressed to even name the devs, let alone actually speak to any of them.

Yes… it’s a great feature. I found I needed to tweak the value in the registry, namely:


Inactive Code Opacity Percent

To a value of 60 because I’m old :wink:

Just reading through the “What’s New” and was a little disappointed when I read it - 11 Alexandria - Release 2 - RAD Studio

IntellJ has a lot to answer for :smiley:

Nice follow up post. I haven’t fully embraced inline variables myself yet (old habits die hard) but I believe they confuse code insight a lot less these days.

They said in the webinar it was a quality and stability release not a new features release. That’s fine by me.

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I haven’t seen the webinar (yes, shame on me) but isn’t that a new feature… :wink:

Yes, it would be great if they could replace anonymous methods with a more compact form based on lambda representation as in C#. A first step could be some form of preprocessor to expand the lambda notation to a form that the current compiler could parse and translate. I would also like to see something similar to LINQ but I know that is a pipe dream. LINQ would be a mammoth task.

@Lachlan I would genuinely love to know how you make the economics stack up and be commercially viable for Delphi for Mobile, with the lack of trust in releases being ready on time for new OS launches and overall poor quality both in terms of performance and visual appearance of anything made in verses Xcode/Android Studio. Not only that, the time savings of having the rest of the world building libraries and documentation for the native tools verses the dead silence in the Delphi world just doesn’t make sense for me. Maybe this could be a topic?