Extra links related to the Kastri talk

I’ve come up with a couple of links for topics that were discussed in Q&A, namely:

Cross-platform abstraction:

Delphi “wrapper” for SKIA (graphics engine used by Flutter etc)

Memorizor app:

Related article:

Thanks also to Sue for the “prompt” about the Android version (which I need to complete)

I seem to recall questions about other aspects I promised links for. If anyone can remember what those aspects were, please let me know and I’ll do my best to find the info

I asked about resources for calling the native APIs directly like you do in Kastri.

Brian Long has some resources for Android (hopefully still applicable, they’re getting a bit old now).

He also has a video for iOS

Any other sources you’re aware of @davidn?

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Thanks for the links! If I think of or find any others, I’ll reply here