IDE Windows are blank

I am using D11.3 Pro with patch 1 installed

I open the app and all looks normal.

I compile any app and when running it all the debug windows are blank!

I close the app and the coding panel remains blank.

Resetting the layouts or changing them has no effect.
Closing and opening a project has no effect.

I have to shut and restart Delphi to see the coding window again.

This happened a few times when I started using D11 but it was ok for last month or so…

I am at a loss.

Anyone else seen this phenomenon?

Hi Tony

The other day I was working away and all the code from one of my new units was deleted and the screen font decreased

I did not notice this until after I had saved my ‘work’ and tried to compile the next day.
Thank goodness I could easily rewrite the code.


I had that happen to me about a week ago. Restarting Delphi fixed it for me too. There’s certainly some bugs. I get other weird things happening from time to time too.

  • Access violation when running my program, before it even starts.
  • List index out of bounds errors when I exit my program.
    These are coming from the IDE, not my program.

That’s so ‘typical’ of Windows GDI handle shortages.

What happens if you raise the ‘default’10k limit to the max 64k limit?

Hi Mark

Thank you so much for the advice.

I googled then increased the GDI object setting in my VM and the windows are displaying (at least for now!!)

Thanks again - that was a total show-stopper for me.