Job Post - where is it listed on ADUG?

Posted a job and cannot find where it is posted on ADUG?

Can someone let me know where I can see it please.

Just FYI; I got your job ad via the old email list. (un)fortunately I am well employed, so won’t apply.
Good luck.
Your question still stands though, I agree

Jobs available processing is still being tweaked to come through automatically to the forum once the ad has been approved by the Treasurer on receipt of payment.

This ad has been manually added under Jobs Available

Delphi FMX programmer required for Melbourne based company

Hi Sue, the link on my job ad goes to my LinkedIn page rather than my email. Can this please be changed and the ad refreshed? Thanks Shaun :grinning:

Hi Shaun,

I think I have changed it now. Can you please test it also? :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, working! Thanks :star_struck:

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Given some of the responses I’ve had is there somewhere I could send an updated listing - a little more detailed and increase in salary on offer?

If you want to send me a private message through the forum (click on my photo and get the popup which has a PM button), or email me - my email address is at the bottom of the emails about the upcoming symposium, I will edit the forum Post.

I’m not sure about resending the email on the jobs list. I would need to find out about that from others who are responsible for the list. Do you know if you are getting responses from the forum or the list?