mORMot 2 released

According to A. Bouchez today “The mORMot 2 framework is about to be released as its first 2.0 stable version”. This is now the “actively supported and maintained version”.
The original mORMot is “currently in maintenance mode”.

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Hooray. Wonderful 2023 New Year present :slight_smile:.
Had a play with a beta about 5 months ago. VERY nice improvements - and much easier to navigate.

Is there any documentation about what is required to convert from mORMot 1 to mORMot 2?


Hi Peter

But doesn’t A. Bouchez say that version 2 is not ready for production yet when he says in his warning:

Synopse mORMot Framework
An Open Source Client-Server ORM/SOA framework in modern Object Pascal, version 2

(c) 2008-2023 Synopse Informatique - Arnaud Bouchez -

See the Contributors list.

WARNING: This set of units is still a work-in-progress, and not yet ready for production. Please still use mORMot 1.18 for your projects.



Here is an important link

Cheers, Peter.

Thanks Peter

I did not see that link.

All the best for 2023.