Pasting code - a test

David’s reply is a good example of why we should use the inline Reply buttons next to the individual post we are answering rather than the blue Reply button at the very bottom of the thread.

David obviously intended to reply to Paul’s earlier post but his post is now down mixed in amongst the more recent conversation between Sue and myself.

Bit of a design error by Discourse having both buttons labelled the same in my opinion.

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I agree - I still find myself hitting the wrong one occasionally.

Correct. On other platforms the “reply to” function is sometimes labelled “Quote” or “Reply Quote”, etc.

Huh, I’m sure I just used the reply button next to the post, but my last post doesn’t reflect that.

EDIT: Same again ! I must be somehow using it wrong?

When we tested it earlier in the year Discourse seemed to apply some less than obvious algorithms as to when a post should be threaded. I think it depended on how many other posts are before it/after it etc.

Of course if you don’t use the inline Reply button though it has no choice but to position your response at the end.

I’m sure, looking back along this thread, that I have used the gray Reply a few times without seeing the post refer to the person also. Will pay more attention to it in future.

I’m guessing right now it’s set to dark?

I’m usually a fan of light themes but looking at the recent posts with code blocks in them I’m currently liking the contrast of the code blocks being dark against the rest of the site being light (I’ve kept it on the default theme).

Interesting. The replies to this message are now actually hidden in a dropdown for me that I have to expand to even see them. They also don’t have an inline Reply button on them.

I’m guessing time elapsed and whether you’ve read the posts before are factors as to where the posts appear in the “tree”. I’m also thinking that your “tree” and my “tree” are likely to be different shapes depending on these sorts of factors.

Maybe this should be a different thread, but I can see dropdown replies attached to the target post, but they are also still on the page further down as well.

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and it seems like the “Reply was to this person / post” biz doesn’t come up straight away … there’s a delay.

Ahh… the reply goes in with the original post.

I’m used to it being a quoted post within the new post.

Correct, in fact I think it only comes up after a few replies 1 reply. I’ll see if I can find any info on the algorithm - I did investigate this don’t remember the details.