UK Delphi Developers Meeting - 17th April 2023

Posted on facebook by Adam Brett

Hi All.

This is a cordial invitation to join UK Delphi developers for an afternoon of Delphi.

Monday 17th April from midday UK time. On-line on Zoom.

The topics/speakers for this meeting:

  • The usual catch-up/news - Jason Chapman

  • Delphi Powered Web Server with Server Side Scripting in Delphi - Rob Lambden

  • A Brief Refresher on WebBroker - Robert Evans

  • One, some or all of the following:

  • RADStudio 11.3 - has arrived and so we will probably have an open session on this, unless there is nothing to talk about OR we exhaust it in the News chat

  • Open Mic for members suggestions on the day.

The group is semi-professional with an annual fee to help organisers cover costs, but the first meeting is free.
If you are interested please contact Jason Chapman who will send a link to join.

[ Midday London (GMT+1) = 7pm Perth time = 9pm Eastern states ]

Melbourne meeting just ended … UK meeting getting under way soon.

If you are interested to join it, msg me here, or email and I’ll get a notification and reply with the details.

Sorry guys. I have replied now.

General info given was …

[Their 12 is 8pm in Perth, 10pm eastern]

11:30 is for speakers to test comms and anyone to have a chat. 12:00, start with some news and talks planning. Then 13:15 for main event. Join whenever you can and say hi.

UK Developers meeting in approx 8 hours (currently GMT+1)

Dear All,

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16th May 2023 - 12pm to 5pm.

The topics/speakers for this meeting:

  • The usual catch-up/news - Jason Chapman
  • An introduction to Antonio Zapater – Pre-sales Consultant at Embarcadero Technologies
    • RADServer talk that Antonio has been slaving over recently
  • Code Huddle – led by Neil Parrish
  • Open Mic for Mote /Fleck/Gobbit/Tools / Tricks / Tick

For more information and the blurb for the sessions please visit -

All the dates for 2023 can be found here.

The UK group is a (semi-?)closed group … people are welcome to attend a meeting to try them out, I believe.