UK Delphi Developers Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 17th July - 12pm to 5pm.

The topics/speakers for this meeting:

The usual catch-up/news - Jason Chapman
A Utility for Code Generation – Patrick Davey
    CodeDeck is an in house built extensible framework of C# classes developed mainly to generate computer code
    The talk consists of an attempt to build a database application using CodeDeck code generators.
CodeSite – Tamas Nagy
    "The CodeSite Logging System by Raize Software gives you deeper insight into how your code is executing..." [Docwiki]
    More details to follow
An enhanced hex file viewer to help with viewing/decoding binary files – Dave Martel
    A demonstration of the tool I have been using (and slowly adding useful extras to) for the best part of 25 years.
    I will show (with a case study) how it can be used to slowly tease apart certain file structures.
    Features like search for floating point numbers with a tolerance when all you may have, is a poor-quality ASCII output of just some of the critical values, will be demonstrated.
pfSense - The open source firewall-router platform - Glenn Dufke
    Do you want to improve your home or business network's security? Tired of paying a fortune for big name brands?
    During the presentation we'll be introduced to pfSense - a modern and rock solid, open source firewall-router which has features you pay big money for in other solutions, where we'll go over network basics and some of the most common packages to install and configure.