Windows EnumFontFamilies

In enumerating all the fonts on my system I find that there are three fonts that return a fonttype of 0, this is not valid according to the documentation.

They are modern, roman and script. They all appear to be MS supplied and have an extension of .fon

Word doesn’t list these fonts, although they show up in charmap.

Windows font viewer shows them, but only as the ‘default’ font size, any other sizes display as ‘Arial Regular’. If you use charmap to put a few characters into Word they also display as ‘Arial Regular’, regardless of size (even if the default size is used).

Yet in a Delphi app they seem to behave like normal TrueType fonts.

So, maybe, I should just treat fomnttype 0 fonts as being TrueType and be done with it.

Or should I? What do people think.