10.3 Tabsheet Tab Font Color error

I want to change the colour of the font on tab to red if there are any notes existing for the record.
tshNotes.Caption.Color:= clWindow;

Returns error
[dcc32 Error] fMaintenanceU.pas(711): E2018 Record, object or class type required

I am not sure why you are getting the error, but you cant change the tab colours like that. I have every component subclassed so I can do these things. Heres the event code that colours the tab and draws an image. Its hooked to OnDrawTab event. I am actually colouring the Active Tab, but you can adapt it.

procedure TRGTabCtrl.DoOnDrawTab (      Control : TCustomTabControl;
                                        TabIndex: Integer;
                                  const Rect    : TRect;
                                        Active  : Boolean);
  R : TRect;
  B : string;
  O : integer;
  { Get Rectangle }
  R := TabRect(TabIndex);
  { Handle Tab Color }
  if FActiveTabColor <> DefTabColor
  then begin
       if Active
       then Canvas.Brush.Color := FActiveTabColor
       else Canvas.Brush.Color := FTabColor;
       Canvas.FillRect (R);
  { Draw the Image }
  if not (csDesigning in ComponentState)
  if (TabIndex >= 0) and Assigned (Images) and (TabIndex < Images.Count)
  then begin
       if not Assigned (FBitmap)
       then FBitmap := TBitMap.Create;
       if Images.GetBitmap (TabIndex,FBitmap)
       then begin
            O := (R.Bottom - R.Top - FBitmap.Height) div 2;
            if O < 1
            then O := 1;
            Canvas.BrushCopy(Bounds(R.Left+2, R.Top+O, FBitmap.Width, FBitmap.Height),
                              Bounds(0,        0,       FBitmap.Width, FBitmap.Height),
                              {FBitmap.TransparentColor does not work});
            R.Left := R.Left + FBitmap.Width +2;
  { Draw the Tab Text, note Pages has Physical Pages, Tabs has
    visible pages, so dont use Pages to get the Caption }
  B := Tabs [TabIndex];
  Canvas.Font := Self.Font;
  if Active
  then Canvas.Font.Style := Canvas.Font.Style + [fsBold];
  Canvas.Pen.Color := Canvas.Font.Color;
  DrawText (Canvas.Handle,pchar(B),length(B),R,DT_CENTER or DT_VCENTER or DT_SINGLELINE);
  { Call Linked Event }
  if Assigned (FOldDrawEvent)
  then FOldDrawEvent (Control, TabIndex, Rect, Active);

Great thanks.