2021 Symposium Videos

Marco Cantu - Developing Delphi Applications for Windows 11

How Delphi, VCL and FireMonkey fit with the new Windows App SDK and Windows platform directions

Topics covered will include how Delphi is supporting native Windows desktop applications and their evolution (like High DPI monitors), how Windows 11 and the Windows App SDK (formerly Project Reunion) are changing the landscape and how Delphi is ready for the future of the Windows platform. Specific features covered will include among others MSIX, TEdgeBrowser, the per Monitor V2 support in VCL, FMX HighDPI support, new VCL components mapped to a modern UI style, and current VCL modernization efforts.

Dave Nottage - Kastri: Building upon the cross-platform foundations of Delphi

Delphi is already an excellent tool for building applications for multiple platforms. In this session, Dave shows how the Kastri library adds to and enhances the foundations of Delphi, helping you solve everyday cross-platform programming problems.

Brian Long - Accessing the iOS API and Accessing the Android API

Dr Holger Flick - Web Development with Delphi and TMS Web Core

Learn how to quickly start developing Web applications with Delphi and get an overview of new features in the latest 1.8 Sirolo release.

Peter Thönell - Design Patterns in Delphi

This presentation will show a wide variety of design patterns and different ways they can be implemented in Delphi. We will also see some useful Delphi language features that are not well known and rarely seen in production code.

Peter’s presentation related files/code

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