2024 RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder Developer Survey

Please go check out / find this survey for future Delphi (etc) directions, if you want to have a say in it.

Imho, as a survey, it was very much one of the better ones I have ever seen from a big company.

Embarcadero Developer Survey

Embarcadero is hosting a customer survey to gather feedback about RAD Studio and ideas and recommendations for the future.

The 2024 RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder developer survey has 59 questions and it should take about 20 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable and so we greatly appreciate your participation in this survey, which is going to help us shape the future of the product.

This survey will remain open until January 21st 2024 and it’s available in multiple languages. You can pick a language other than English in the combo box on the upper right corner of the first page. The additional available languages are German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

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Thanks for mentioning this Paul. We’re trying to gather data on what people want us to be doing for future work and to get a real sense of what people do and do not like about various topics so that we can make informed decisions on stuff.

We really do want to make sure we are following the things people really want and heading in the direction that people will find useful; that genuinely make the product more capable, likable, stable, and has the features you’re looking for.

I genuinely believe that everyone gets more out of the relationship if we (Embarcadero) are highly approachable by default, as open as we can be (legally and without showing our hand too much to competitors), and to do everything we can to not be a faceless monolith.

It’s a no-brainer that if we can give people what they want, a tool they genuinely find useful and can rely on, has progressively increased stability and quality, created by a team who are passionate about their work, then users will love what we are doing and stick with us. The survey is a part of that approach.


@ianbarker A good way to kick off this new ‘open’ Embarcadero would be to perhaps actually send the developer survey to all registered and active customers. Marketing emails seem to make it through but content like this does not.

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First I have seen about it - link to survey??

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tbf, I received the link by email (but couldn’t post the link it as it was personalised)

It was also being mentioned on LinkedIn and fb.

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Wonder if they’ll publish the results :slightly_smiling_face:.

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It’s not a ‘new’ anything. Perhaps I’m just trying to make it clear since previously that message has either not been emphasized or even put across. That kind of impression, where it makes you feel like you should put the word open in quotes, is something I’ve just spent the past 9 months trying to address.

I get it. There’s a lot to look at with regard to how some people view the company. Good or bad, believe me, or think I am full of it, email me. Get yourself heard. I mean it.

Here: ian.barker@embarcadero.com

People are entitled to be skeptical - all I can do is just make our actions more visible and let them do the talking for us.

It’s being sent out in emails which are processed over a schedule. However, we did also post it on the main blog here: Join the 2024 RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder Developer Survey (embarcadero.com)

[I see Paul has posted it too] The emails are batched due to the personalization of the links and other constraints. I think we sent to MVPs and Tech Partners first but if Vince hasn’t received it yet then maybe not. The emails are sent out by the social team, not PMs or me.

Yes, we intend to publish results. I’m not sure to what extent, but we do definitely intend to make results available where they would not give others too much of a competitive advantage (why do the research for them?)

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I got mine by email

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Done 67890

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