2024 Symposium Registration

I have been trying to register but cannot figure out how. The web site is very confusing, and the events page leads nowhere for me.

I think you have already registered, on 19th March, to attend online. That might be why you can’t find the option now.

Ok, thanks. Seems odd that it doesn’t inform me…

If you paid by credit card, you would have received an email from them. I just found mine.

The title is ‘Your payment to Australian Delphi Users Group Inc’

Ok, thanks. Found it. Completely forgot about it. :frowning:


Hi Sue

I paid by EFT but, from memory, have not received any email.

Is there any way to find out if I am able to attend tomorrow?


You are on the list.

Is registration still open?

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend so didn’t try registering until now - logged in, click on events, only thing that shows up is join adug?

I will change the final date so you can register

Try again now.

Nope, still only seeing join adug

You might need to close the window where you are logged in and start fresh.

Otherwise I will add you manually and send an invoice.

No luck - even tried icognito mode.

You are registered, and you should get an invoice ‘real soon now’ :wink:

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Got the invoice but trying to pay

Unknown Payment Response:: P00463E02172R

I’ll pay by EFT

EFT Payment done.

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