32 bit Android Debugging Fails

A heads up if you are doing Android development on a 32bit Phone.

I had a working development environment and for the last two years I was able to load and debug software on my Android SM-A115F from both Alexandria 11 and 11.2 and Sydney 10.4.

Then something changed. I think the phone had an update to Android 13.
Now using either Alexandria 11.2 or Sydney 10.4 the software installs and runs but debug breakpoints are ignored.

Delphi has some control over the phone app. The red Program reset works and Pause will stop the program and show a console window which can be stepped through.

I did a factory reset on the Phone and it is now Android 12 but the problem persists.

Same Delphi installation but with my wife’s Android 7.1.1 phone debug breakpoints work fine.

It seems the problem might be related to a new NDK-Plugin and the gdb debugging technology that has now been deprecated by Google. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36951638?pli=1

Delphi Support advise that the gdb debugger mightl be be replace with lldb debugging for 32 bit apps in the next update of Delphi.

I suggest you prevent your Android 32 bit phone from upgrading. (64Bit already uses lldb debugging)