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The Australian Delphi User Group Inc (ADUG) is Australia’s premier user group representing the interests of:

  • Delphi application developers
  • Managers of Delphi developers
  • Companies using Delphi to develop software for sale, and
  • Organisations developing software in-house for their own use

80% of ADUG’s web site users are Australian residents and 20% are from New Zealand, S.E. Asia, America and Europe.

Approximately 30% of visitors are contract programmers, 30% are full time employees, 20% are enthusiasts and 20% are managers of Delphi developers or proprietors of a software house.

ADUG offers its members:

  • Access to the groups mailing list for help with technical issues
  • A forum for exchanging news and information
  • Discount rates on ADUG symposium fees
  • Single point of contact for recruitment agencies and employers looking for Delphi people
  • Advertising services for positions vacant and Delphi people for hire

ADUG offers potential employers an opportunity to advertise directly to the Delphi community.

ADUG also offers members the opportunity to advertise their availability for work.

More information

ADUG guarantees to forward the advertisement to registered users of the Jobs list within one business day of accepting the advertisement copy.

ADUG makes no warranties regarding the number of responses the advertisements generate, however our experience has been that most ads will receive a good cross section of candidates and the majority of roles advertised with ADUG have been filled by one of the ADUG respondents.

For more information, contact the list moderator by email to DelphiJobs Co-ordinator