Adding Projects to the Repository - Delphi 6

Hey Guys, I am confused about why i cant seem to add any new Projects to the Template repository in Delphi 6.

In Other versions before XE, when you click “Tools->Repository” you can create new projects in there or when saving project you can select “Save to repository”

Does anyone still have the documentation for Delphi 6 on how to do this?

Probably becuase it’s trying to write to c:\program files (x86\...... ??

Try running it in compatibility mode for windows XP?

And Delphi 6… you really should leave it in the museum :wink:

The issues it that there are no buttons to press that allow you to add anything. Only delete or edit.

(oh if we could only get the corporate world to upgrade their versions of Delphi to something from this century - how great that would be!!

AH, found it - Notes were in the Delphi 7 docos I found online.

You can add your own projects, forms, frames, and data modules to those already
available in the Object Repository. To add an item to the Object Repository,
1 If the item is a project or is in a project, open the project.
2 For a project, choose Project|Add To Repository. For a form or data module, rightclick the item and choose Add To Repository.
3 Type a description, title, and author.
4 Decide which page you want the item to appear on in the New Items dialog box,
then type the name of the page or select it from the Page combo box. If you type
the name of a page that doesn’t exist, the Object Repository creates a new page.
5 Choose Browse to select an icon to represent the object in the Object Repository.
6 Choose OK