ADUG 2023 Symposium videos on YouTube

Has all the discussion of this year’s symposium reminded you of an interesting topic from last year that you want to investigate or refresh your memory?

Well now is your chance - all the sessions from the 2023 symposium have been added to the ADUG YouTube channel. (Yes, there is an ADUG channel - have you forgotten? I had, hence this post!)

The new topics are varied:

  • Geoffrey Smith - Practical Applications of AI and ChatGPT: Exploring the Cutting Edge of AI
  • Jason Tolley - Object Pascal and Web Assembly (WASM)
  • Jon Aasenden - JavaScript the Delphi Way
  • David Millington - ToolsAPI Plugin for the IDE

Plus, there are lots of other interesting videos from previous symposia and different branch meetings.

Check out ADUG on YouTube to view the list of recordings and hit ‘Subscribe’ to receive notifications as new videos are added.