ADUG Canberra July Meeting (Woof, woof)

The Canberra ADUG Chapter will be hosting our next meeting on Wednesday, 28th July at 6:30pm (AEST) via Zoom. This month Hil will be talking about dogs, something about a Beaglebone I believe. So if you have an interest in IOT or hobby projects on inexpensive programmable boards, this one’s for you.

As always, there will be time for open discussion on various topics that may relate to programming… or not. Either way, it’s always a good chance to catch up.

A reminder about our online meeting tonight, where Hil will be talking about Beaglebone IOT thingies.

Zoom in on: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 755 9803 5766
Passcode: DelphiEmb

The recording of last night’s presentation is now on YouTube here: ADUG Canberra July 2021 - Fast Cars And Technology (Woof, woof) - YouTube

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