ADUG Melbourne Meeting 16th August 2021

Melbourne ADUG will be holding their next meeting online in Zoom session. Link details will be posted here around 6pm on the day of the meeting.


Roger Connell from Innova Solutions

Roger has been learning about Delphi’s access to Mobile Devices (Android) and the sensor data available from those devices. While the initial program aims were not achieved he learnt some useful lessons and developed some Delphi Libraries he thinks are worth sharing. The discussion will include

  • The restrictions of the mobile UI,
  • Android permissions,
  • Navigation calculation,
  • Accessing data on the phone,
  • Delivering WEB based help and software to the phone and
  • Presenting data graphically.
  • Software for Old Phones

Public Soap Box

We start with a brief “Public Soap Box” where attendees can ask questions, share discoveries or talk about code.

The online connection will open around 6:00pm for the meeting to start at 6:15pm.

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The forum adding the “Add to Calendar” link is goddamn magic. :+1:


The References from this presentation are
Online Documentation

GitHub Repository For Code

Vincenty solutions of geodesics on the ellipsoid


Lovely. Thank you for your presentation.