ADUG members - will you give a little help?

The ADUG systems which manage membership and event attendance are completely separate from this forum. This makes updating the forum to give access to symposium related resources a manual, time consuming and error prone task.

In order to streamline this, there is now an app we can run to automatically update the forum from your symposium registration information. However this requires that your ADUG membership number is stored in your forum profile. If you have not already done so, could you please take a few moments to update your profile.

You can do this by

  • clicking on your icon at the top right of the forum window
  • clicking on the person icon
  • opening Preference → Profile
  • scrolling down to the MemberId field and entering your ADUG Member No
  • scrolling to the end of the page and clicking on Save Changes

If the MemberId is not known, we cannot automatically give you access to the 2023 Symposium.

Thank You for your co-operation!

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This sounds like work that I have to do… Can’t you automate this as well?? :wink:

Now I am upset… followed the instructions only to find out that it has already populated. :smiley: