ADUG Symposium2023 - Registrations are open!

Early Bird registrations are back for our Melbourne venue, Chelsea Heights Hotel. Save $20 by signing up before 31st March. Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

Early Bird

  • members only $65
  • non-members $105 includes further $20 discount on ADUG membership

Chelsea Heights Hotel is conveniently located near the Peninsula Link Freeway not far from the EastLink, and has loads of free, off street parking. There is a bus stop across the road, and it is a short bus ride from Chelsea Station.

With a blast from the past … speakers at the venue - two locals join with two international online speakers.

  • Geoffrey Smith - ChatGPT and AI
  • Jason Tolley - WebAssembly
  • David Millington
  • Jon Aasenden

Details of topic content are still being finalized. As always, the day will cover a wide range of interests. More information will be added to the web site, and posted here as details becomes available.

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Sue, what’s the date for the Symposium ?

Hi Sue

Will I still be able to attend remotely?


Shhhh! It’s a secret!

Oh, ok… April 28th :upside_down_face:

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Tried to register, didn’t get very far.
Maybe I will leave it for a few days…

Here is a link to the web page

Symposium 2023

You can also reach it by clicking on ‘More Info’ on the ADUG home page.

Scroll down and there are options to register. Members sign into Member Services first and then select ‘Events and Payments’. The symposium options are at the top of the list, at least for me. :wink:

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Yes, there is still an online option available.

As catering is not involved, there is no Early Bird offer, as this is made to encourage registrations before the cut off time for numbers at the venue.

I can get to the page, just not seeing anywhere to subscribe pay??
Am I in the wrong place?

You are missing the option to pay. I suspect it is because your membership renewal is due before the symposium. Try paying a year’s membership and see what happens.

Ta thanks, that worked :slight_smile:

Hi Sue

A couple of questions

1 I cannot register for the symposium. I believe that there was a bit of a mix up with my yearly renewal and I spoke to Frank Malcolm. Not sure if the problem has been resolved yet but I cannot find the button to register.

2 Where would I find the replay for the last Melbourne ADUG meeting, presented by Andrea Raimondi?

3 I still am trying to find time to contact you regarding using DUnitX.

Would you please assist.


  1. Registering for the symposium - the system shows your renewal due in February has not been paid. Is this the issue you were sorting out with Frank? Let me know and I will talk to Frank if need be.

  2. @Geoff is editing the video and will post the link when he has finished

  3. The time will come …

Thanks Sue

Yes I saw that he was doing something but I thought that it was for an old ADUG meetin It will

Have you renewed for this year? If you pay by card, I would think not, but if you paid by direct debit, it may be that Frank hasn’t yet updated the record and I can sort it out with him.

Hi Sue

I paid by EFT. The yearly amount was paid on Feb 6.

Frank is/was going to look into it for me so there is no problem as long as I can get to go (I will be attending remotely).


Hi Graeme,

We will make sure you can attend. There is no early bird for online, so you have time for it to be resolved.


Thanks Sue

Some Problems I encountered with the registration process.

  • Win7 (no longer supported,Firefox 11.0.0 64 bit). I’m retired and on a budget.

  • If I was a Non member trying to register for the option I get a show message type dialogue box that I cannot copy and paste using CtrlA and CtrlC, but if I Highlight the text with the mouse cursor it works and from that it says…Error in Form: Error in Processing ::Process Membership:Illegal value for Member Types, Clicking on OK takes me to the non member registration form.? Bit confusing? and not ideal. Cost $75 including ADUG membership. Side issue as I am a member

  • Logging in as a member, if I put my member number in and press enter I get Data Errors::Please Enter Password. So I have take my hand off the keyboard and use the mouse to click on the password field, and back to the keyboard and put my password in. Not Ideal?

  • So I put my password in and get some options. One of which is a non highlighted Registrations: Below that is a lemon coloured option Events and payments. Actually there are six lemon coloured options and one green one. My first impression is that I should select the the green one, as all the others are not available. Wrong. not good?

  • I’m retired, but connecting to this site and trying to register for a technical symposium and encountering these minor problems, would not tell me I was getting value for the cost of attending. Pretty Clunky in my opinion and not very encouraging.


Thanks for the feed back. We will look into the issues you have described.

Win7 (no longer supported,Firefox 11.0.0 64 bit). I’m retired and on a budget.

I am not sure how ADUG has any control over this.

Logging in as a member, if I put my member number in and press enter I get Data Errors::Please Enter Password

If you had pressed instead of this would have taken you to the next field. My understanding is that you generally press when you have filled in all fields.

So I put my password in and get some options. One of which is a non highlighted Registrations: …

The lemon coloured options can all be clicked. When I click on the green one (Events) I get the same as if I press on the yellow one (Events and Payments) under Registrations. That then gives me a list of different symposium options, membership payment and jobs options.

What did you get?

Your other point about non-member registration is being looked into.