ADUG, We have a problem

Is the problem fixable? YES

What is the problem? The committee needs 3 new members.

How come?

  1. For 2 years, there have been only 8 members on the committee when the ideal is 9.
  2. Two committee members are not standing for re-election. This leaves us with 6.

Frank Malcolm has been our treasurer for a number of years. He has made an important contribution to the running of ADUG and will be sorely missed. Thank you Frank. As anyone who has been Treasurer of a not-for-profit organisation knows, this is a task that requires regular attention, with extra effort for the Symposium time and end-of year.

Eivind Bakkestuan (@EivindB) has been the nominal Queensland representative on the committee for many, many years. As well as his efforts with the Queensland branch, he has played a very important role in symposium organisation that many may not be aware of - he has been the chief prize organiser for a long time. We have all benefited from his work in this area, and thank him for his efforts. He too will be much missed.

Are we looking for direct replacements for these roles? Not necessarily.

What the ADUG committee needs is members who are interested in being involved in either a small or big way. The tasks you take on will be down to what you are interested in within the framework of what needs to be done. If you are interested in either of these roles, that would be fantastic.

Will it take a lot of time? No.

The time taken does vary depending on the stage we are at in symposium organisation. In general, you need to find

  • 1 hours, sometimes a little longer, for a committee meeting once a month. Meetings are on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm Sydney/Melbourne time, via Zoom.
  • Some time at your convenience for thinking about and planning for meetings and other ADUG matters that may arise.
  • Some time, determined by roles taken in discussion with the rest of the committee, to help organising the symposium. Many of the other symposium preparations are the same from year to year. A number of tasks don’t take a lot of effort, so many hands make light work. Experienced committee members will look after the big jobs. If you are interested in what and how these are done, you can be involved.

What do we need? 3 members to join the committee.

Ideally, we would like nominations to be received before Monday 9th October, sent to There is a nomination form on the ADUG website Committee Nomination Form.

The new committee will be decided at the AGM on 16th October. If 3 members don’t put their hand up before, or on the day, the committee can appoint additional members later. So if you aren’t quite sure now, you can volunteer after the AGM.

It makes life a lot easier for the committee if you don’t wait. Most committee members still standing have all been part of ADUG and the committee for a long time. They have already made a long term commitment to ADUG. It cannot be assumed that they can continue forever, particularly with an under strength committee. ADUG needs new committee members to keep running and growing.

Are there any benefits? Yes.

  • The satisfaction and pleasure of working with like minded people to continue to support our Delphi community.
  • The knowledge that you are putting back into something from which you have benefited.

The ADUG forum has contributed to rebuilding our community after COVID. The symposium numbers are positive. With the availability of overseas speakers presenting using Zoom, meeting content has been rich and we continue to forge closer ties to Delphi developers around the world.

If you want ADUG to continue to be part of the Delphi landscape in Australia


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I’d be happy to be nominated in case someone feels as though it may be useful :wink:
I can attend the Monday meetings with a bit of a schedule adjustment on my side (which is not hard).



There has been a question regarding the nomination process.

The form has space for the person being nominated, the person nominating and a seconder, which all need membership numbers and signatures.

You can nominate yourself, and fill in the first two columns.

If you have difficulty finding a seconder, get in touch with me, @SueKing , or to @Geoff at to get the rest sorted out.

Unfortunately, we have had another retirement from the committee. @Shanevan is stepping down after a number of years service. Thank you Shane for your efforts and input.

Members, if you haven’t nominated yet, and would be prepared to give some of your precious time to ADUG, please consider volunteering at the AGM on Monday night, 16th October, 2023.

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@Andrea_Raimondi will you be at (in) the meeting monday?

If you haven’t contacted the committee already, and are still interested, you can nominate for a position in the meeting.
Or you can nominate someone who will be attending to act for you, as a proxy. :+1:


I thought someone would nominate me.
I should be able to attend the meeting, can you remind me the time please?

Any of us will be happy to do so.

Meeting is Melbourne / Sydney time … AEST 1800

I find a good strategy is to google “[ Insert city ] time now” and project forward from there.

[Edit … I should have said … ] Roughly 2 hrs from … Now. :slight_smile: