ADUG website - renew membership

No big deal, but I thought the options here could be set out a little better:

Easily Fixed

    if FeesReq then
      Result := Result + '<tr><td>Invoice Address</td><td>' +
        '<input type="radio" name="EInvAdd" value="InvHome" checked> Invoice to Self<Br>'
        + '<input type="radio" name="EInvAdd" value="InvWork" > Invoice to Business<Br></td></tr>'

Add a blank row here

        + '<tr><td>Payment Options</td><td>' +
        '<input type="radio" name="EPymOpt" value="CdtCrd"> Visa/MasterCard<Br>' +
        '<input type="radio" name="EPymOpt" value="DrctDp" > Direct Deposit to ADUG Account<Br>'
        + '<input type="radio" name="EPymOpt" value="CqMonyO" checked> Cheque or Money Order<Br></td></tr>'

and three similar places. But then may be we should adjust table formatting to put a line between rows.

We can discuss it at the next team meeting