AGM/National/Melbourne Meeting October 2022

Meeting opens at 6:00pm AEDT for a start at 6:15pm with general discussion.
6:30pm AGM resumes to finalise the two outstanding items.
7:00pm Vincent will talk on continuous integration

If there is time between the AGM and Vincent’s talk, we will be discussing

  • different processes that might need automating
  • techniques people currently use
  • anything else you would like to talk about that generally relates to the topic

Vincent will discuss

Continuous Integration with Delphi and Continua CI

  • what Continuous Integration is
  • how it fits into the Devops environment
  • installing and configuring Continua CI
  • building a Delphi project (using msbuild)
  • using FinalBuilder with Continua CI (and why you would want to use it)

Zoom meeting details will be posted closer to the time.
The meeting will be hosted from the Melbourne venue for those who want to come in person.

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Is the Men’s Shed going to be open. I’m not sure whether I will make it or not at this stage.

Yes, we have access to the shed and I will be there to open up.


Are you on Daylight Savings Time ?

If so, I think the meeting time will be 3pm over here in Perth.

Yes we are

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You can see Vincent’s presentation now on youtube.

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Thanks @Geoff and @vincent .

At 58:00 you show updating or maybe including build status from the build server to Github, if I have it right.

I hadn’t twigged that these were just svg files …
Build Status codecov

Can FB or CI update the github with these indicators?

Also, can a github repo update then trigger a Delphi build cycle, locally or otherwise?

That is about updating the status on a commit/branch - you can see that here (clicking on the tick)

Note that the details link is actually a link to my continua ci instance which won’t work anyone outside on my network.

I use this feature when building pull requests from github (not something I covered in the presentation) - it’s nice to have your CI server build the pull request before you merge it, that way you can confirm the PR will not break the build.

No, these are actually provided by an external url to your build server, often through a third party service like . We could certainly add it (just need to add a url endpoint and submit a pr to but we really don’t want to encourage users to expose their build servers to the internet.

Yes, although it’s not done by github doing the triggering, it’s done by the CI server polling github for changes. The demo repo I used for the presentation was on github, and builds were triggering when I pushed changes to the repo.

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