Android Logcat for Delphi RAD Studio

Сергей ИвановСергей Иванов
Sergey Ivanov Minsk

Many people know (or not) about the Object Pascal programming language and Embarcadero Technologies RAD Studio development environment, better known as Delphi.
Currently, RAD Studio can be used to develop applications for Windows platform, Mac, Linux and Android. And that’s great.

However, when I was faced with developing for the Android platform, I needed the Logcat tool. Of course, you can use the adb command line. But it’s not as convenient as for example the Logcat tool implemented in Android Studio. So I had to install the latter for the sake of convenience. It’s not great.

That’s why I offer the community RAD Studio extension - LogcatD. Now you can analyze logs in the development environment itself almost as well as in Android Studio itself, without having to install the latter.

Link to the project on GitHub:
GitHub - ivanovsergeyminsk/LogcatD: An extension for RAD Studio that displays logs of android devices

For a while I toyed with the idea of having Device Lens inside of the IDE. I ended up preferring to have a separate app. I’m still glad someone else has done it. :slight_smile:

Nice work, Sergey!