Android Projects Created in one version of Delphi will not run in Subsequent Versions

I have a number of cross platform projects which I am now trying to run in D11A.

I was happy when they compiled without issue and ran on Windows. On Android however they installed but got into a knot, stalling on the phone and closing on the debugger. They do not even progress as far as the Initialization procedure.

The work around is to create a new project in D11 and manually include all the Forms and units and setup all the options, But this is a real pain and prone to errors. All then compiles and runs fine.

My past system has been to open the old project, allow Delphi to do any conversion stuff and save in a new directory. When I found the solution I recalled I had the same issue going from 10.3 to 10.4.

I think my really simple single form with one button and one action converted without issue.

Any help in understand the why and achieving a better work around appreciated.

Under the Android target in Project Manager, right-click the Libraries node and click “Revert System Files To Default”, then rebuild.

Thanks Dave I was so excited to to get your response. Too Easy. But alas it was. Problem persisted. I have just finished doing it the hard way.

I have save the various project files in separate directories and plan to compare the good and the bad sometime.

Roger - this may be too obvious but try building and running in debug mode. A change in one of the underlying libraries may be triggering an uncaught exception in your code which might surface when running in the IDE. I understand your frustration, I seem to remember something similar when I moved my code from 10.x → 10.x +1 - from memory it was a change to one of the OOTB XML methods that time

Roger, I did it the hard way and it still crashes.