Ann: Celebrating 20 Years of NexusDB: Get 50% Off!

Greetings all!

This month 20 years ago, NexusDB v1 was released, and now we invite you to celebrate with us.

The best Delphi database just keeps on going, who knows where the next 20 will take us? :smiley:

Some of our loyal customers who came aboard that very first year have kindly given us some words of encouragement, here are a few random ones.

“It was 2003 when I was looking for an fast and reliable SQL database for the orthodontic image management software OnyxCeph. This was and is realised with the Borland (Embarcadero) C++ Builder.
The new database system should be free of runtime fees and it has to support file blobs.
With NexusDB, the right tool was found and I have been very satisfied with it since then. Also to be praised is the support, which works great across the time zones.
Many thanks for the constructive cooperation, I wish the NexusDB team all the best for the next 20 years! Cheers!
Best regards,

“I’ve been using NexusDB for 20 years and my products have benefited greatly from its performance, reliability and ease of use. The versatility it provides with networked, local or in-memory tables makes it a great Delphi component library that I would highly recommend.
Regards, Phillip”

We humbly thank all of you who are already using our products, without you we would not be here today.

And now… drumroll… what you have been really waiting for :slight_smile:

Until the end of this month, take 50% off any new product licenses!

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The NexusDB Team

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