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Greetings from the NexusDB Team!

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News from the Dungeons:

Development of new features in our best in class Delphi based NexusDB database engine is progressing well. Here are some new and recently added features that you may not be aware of, but which will come in handy for your projects:

  • Delphi 11.x Alexandria support - support for new Delphi versions is always up to date
  • NEW! Keyless Index engine - indices created with this engine takes up less space in a table and improves performance (see below)
  • NEW! Improved User privileges; users can now be assigned rights by individual database aliases and tables
  • NEW! User privileges can now be set and queried via new CREATE OR ALTER USER… SQL statements
  • NEW! 64 bit Global auto increment feature - when 4 billion discrete values is not enough to fit your requirements
  • NEW! Winsorized Mean aggregate SQL function, complements the standard AVG function
  • UPDATED! nxBackup utility greatly improved - now works as a virtual continuous backup solution for critical data
  • GUI editing of User privileges in Enterprise Manager in development for the next update
  • Single File database is being worked on, and making good progress toward alpha/beta releases later this year

The new Keyless Index Engine is highly innovative, hugely reducing the size of tables and the accompanying server load. Here’s an extract of a testrun of the new Keyless index engine, combined with the recently introduced Lz4 compression engine. 50% reduction in runtime and 94% reduction in table size is nothing to sneeze at! This is a targeted test; however, on a real life customer database, where Lz4 was already applied, switching to keyless indices reduced the size from 60GB to 42GB. You will want this to keep your customers happy! :blush:

Running test with 5000000 records. Keyless: FALSE CompressedRecords: FALSE
Elapsed: 2865555
Table size: 15724 MB

Running test with 5000000 records. Keyless: TRUE CompressedRecords: TRUE
Elapsed: 1423557
Table size: 599 MB

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