Are Direct Posts to a Mailing List Address Supported?

I tried General help and got rejected. If I made a typo maybe this will work

They should be.

I have sent ones successfully in the past. There does seem to be a glitch. We will investigate.

Interesting I forwarded the original message but it was stripped. Cool

Original sent to General Help

I assume that as this source email address is registered to Discourse I can post a question directly to it. We will see.

A second question is what happens if the email comes from an unregistered email (or from from one which has been invited to join but not yet completed registration). Are they ignored, rejected or go to mediation?

Given my only worry on the success of the forum now is getting the audience connected is it feasible to redirect to say the General help forum address once mailman is closed?

This is a ‘Reply List’.

There does seem to be a glitch.

The glitch is that the email address does not yet exist.