Best option for Word automation these days?

Hi there
Looking at creating an in depth automation of Microsoft Word (and later PowerPoint) from a C++ Builder or Delphi app. The PC will have Win10 and latest version of MS-Office installed

Typical features include

  • (optional) ability to insert tags anywhere into a precreated template
  • ability to quickly find the tags and convert them to multimedia objects (such as images and formatted text)

Back in the day this would have been done using the built in Borland Office OLE Automation components and some rather nasty code but just wondering if there are any easier ways?

I’ve had a bit a look and did a bit of prototyping using a couple of components such as the TMS FNC one. Could get the Winsoft one to work whatsoever. Opinions anyone?

Much Obliged
Aneal, Canberra

This might be overkill for your requirements but have you looked at WPTools at:

It’s not cheap but very powerful.


Hi Aneal,
I’ve done a lot of office automation over the years and I generally just use late or early binding of the app in question without the use of any components. Generally works well enough. The key is to understand the object model of the app and if you know VBA then that is basically what you end up running.



The old OfficePartner tools from Turbo Power were still working for me in 10.3? Try here:
Cheers, Kim.