Blaise Pascal magazine #102 - free download

“Free Download: A Special Edition of Blaise Pascal Magazine 102
The latest issue of the very popular Blaise Pascal magazine is dedicated to Delphi’s 27th anniversary. This issue covers the release of Delphi 11.1 Alexandria, VCL4Python, Python install help, the Droste effect and more…”

Delphi VCL4Python - Max Kleiner
Python install help - Detlef Overbeek
The latest release of Delphi 11.1 - Detlef Overbeek
Creating a Daily Snapshot of Lazarus with GIT - Michael van Canneyt
The Droste effect: picture in picture in picture - David Dirkse
Pas2JS: Leveraging Typescript to use existing Javascript libraries - Michael van Canneyt
Library support in PAS2JS - Michael van Canneyt
Pas2JS: Using multiple forms and routing - Michael van Canneyt
Understanding Electron - Detlef Overbeek

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