Brisbane meeting April 2024

Hi All,

The monthly Brisbane meeting is on Thursday 4th April.

NOTE Change in Location:

On this day, we will meet at Golgappa Indian street food restaurant, located across Logan rd from Westfield Garden City:

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Golgappa homepage

Feel free to suggest or bring topics for review.

Reminder: As the standard blurb below says; please DO make sure you RSVP if
you intend to come.

No RSVPs, no meeting; be proactive! :+1:

Eivind Bakkestuen

About that limitation in Delphi that I mentioned, where you can’t do a static initialization from an element of a const array with a const index, I had posted about it on delphipraxis.
Delphi should let me use a const array…

Isn’t it great for old men to sit around and whine about what could have been? :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit late to this party, but isn’t this what this is? (sorry for the cryptic names, it’s just a copy and paste)

     ons = 6 ;

rton = record
     name : string ;
     otype : integer ;

aton = array[1..ons] of rton ;

ons : aton = ( (name:'OnCreate'; otype:1),
               (name:'OnRepeat'; otype:1),
               (name:'OnTouchMoving'; otype:2),
               (name:'OnTouchPressed'; otype:2),
               (name:'OnTouchReleased'; otype:3),
               (name:'OnTimer'; otype:1) ) ;

@Delphic oh sure, there was lots of whining…

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Hi, namesake.

The line that does not compile from my example is this one:

It can work in theory: the values can be calculated at compile time. But the compiler doesn’t work with anything other than literals or constants.