Alexandria 11.1 has a neat FMX cameracomponent, with a pretty sample programme to play with.
It shows the camera output beautifully.
The only trouble is that there is nothing to show how to take a photo or a video.
That is a lack in a camera. I have gone all over the methods and properties and nothing gives me any useful ideas.
Any ideas please?

Hi Chester,
See sample project
…\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\Samples\Object Pascal\Mobile Snippets\CameraComponent

Gerard Hook

Gerard, that’s exactly what I did. And there is nothing in it that tells you how to take a picture or take a movie! It shows the camera picture on the screen (continuously), allows you to play with the resolution and the torch, has some facility8 for setting manual focus (but nothing to show where to put what values to adjust this), a location where the picture will be stored - but NOTHING to show you how to take the picture. If you can find this please let me know!

After many hours of work I have worked out how to use CameraComponent to take a picture and to save that picture to disc. Great! However, I have not worked out how to get zoom to work with CameraComponent. Any ideas please?