Categories for ADUG members only

@Lachlan has suggested that Off Topic be for members only, and wondered what the committee had debated about this.

The committee did decide to have a category for member only discussion. We were thinking along the lines of special events for members only, but at this stage don’t have a clear idea of exactly what we would use it for. There are quite a few Mailman users who aren’t ADUG members. The attitude has always been that the list is open to any Delphi users. We get some great answers from non ADUG members as well as some good questions.

Off Topic can now be used at any time, as those who are not interested in it, need not follow the category. Off topic is not supported for mailing list mode.

Ideas and suggestions ??

I wasn’t so much suggesting Off-Topic for paid up ADUG members only, rather just for logged in users of the Discourse.

That would keep Off-Topic from being visible to casual site visitors and also keep it out of Google and the Wayback Machine.

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I think having an area visible only to logged in users is probably a good idea.

…And what’s the difference between “adug-members <> On Behalf Of Sue King” which has image001.pngand no photo (eg 4:00pm email)

And “Sue King via ADUG Forums” Which does not have that message and has a photo (eg 4:06pm email)


And why, if you reply to the ones without a photo, do the replies never get on Discourse?

Part of this is that I currently am using three accounts. My main one is an admin account and others are not, so I can test different things.

The reply doesn’t get to Discourse because the return address is no_reply at

The photo has nothing to do with it. It is the account from which the post has been sent.

It also depends on whether the message you are replying to is using a token that identifies the message.

I need a bit more time to check out the error, and have to eat now so I am ready for the Melbourne meeting.

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I am pretty sure the 4:00PM message comes from the mailing list. It will have [ADUG] in the title. The second one comes from the forums and will have [ADUG Forums] in the title.

Geoff is correct. The 4pm message was sent to the list to ask people to look for the answer in the forum.

Emails from the forum do have as their return address.

You must use the ‘Reply List’ option in your mail client. Discourse needs the generated token in the reply address to know which category and which topic to display any reply.

Discourse never discloses email addresses publicly. Hence it is not appropriate to put someone’s email address in as the reply address.