Code Structure Pane in D12 Athens

Finally spent some time loading D12 but I fear it may all be wasted unless I can reformat the “Structure” Pane.

I like the nodes for interface, implementation and uses but then it all falls apart.

In the interface section there is a node for each object but then just a massive single list of fields followed by methods.

In the Implementation section there is just a single list of all methods instead of expandable nodes for each object with child node for Fields, Methods, Properties

TTabbedwithNavigationForm.FormCloseQuery(Sender: TObject; var CanClose: Boolean)

Instead of

       FormCloseQuery(Sender: TObject;  var CanClose: Boolean)

I have found the structure options but cannot see how to make it usable.

Sounds like a trip to Quality Central is in order. Link for votes?

I am still trying to get my head around whether it is a new “Feature” or an oversight. It is referenced in the update notes as

"RAD Studio 12.0 Athens adds syntax highlighting using the IDE color palette to:
• The Structure view highlights methods and types

While a diagram in “Whats New in Athens” shows the old structure layout

I think there is definitely a Quality issue in the Tools>Options>User Interface>Structure in that the Category list is not reflected in the IDE presentation.

I have worked out that I can manage if I just use the interface folder. Does anyone see any benefit in the information presented in >implementation.

It displays everything declared in that section (i.e. not declared in the interface section), so it might be useful to anyone using the structure pane that are interested in those. Perhaps there should be an option to “aggregate” both sections, for those who just use the structure pane for navigation.

That is what I would expect it to do but on my D12 settings all procedures of Objects declared in the Interface section are repeated in the implementation section prefixed with the object name so if you have descriptive object names you only get repeated lines of the object name unless the pane is made ridiculously wide. The syntax highlighting is pretty but to my mind this extra declaration just adds “noise” not information.

In my setup dialog there is no option to select or deselect interface or implantation and some of the options that do appear no longer seem to work or even be relevant. I do plan to take the miss match between the options and the presentation to Quality Central but am still trying to gauge whether it is worth mentioning my general grumpiness with the new presenation

@RogerConnell Do you mean you can’t collapse the sections?


I can collapse the implementation section but I cannot go to tools>options>userinterface>structure and make it hidden.

I should also be able to “Hide” the field Declarations position,name etc but I cannot.

Your diagram also demonstrates that the “information” shown in the implantation section is already shown in the section above. Imagine an object such as a form with many components and many methods

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Is Quality Central

I must be missing something. Cannot get an issue created. Wasted too much time on this but still Grumpy.

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While the Quality Portal was showing errors on my submissions they have been accepted.

Due to multiple attempts on different browsers the issue now appears twice

As RSP-43698 and RSP-43752

This is the one to vote for:

I’ve voted for the above issue (43752).

I have also made a note of the QP not seeming to acknowledge RSP submissions. This lack of acknowledgement doesn’t always happen, but several people have had the same problem and it’s resulting in lots of duplicates.

It looks like it might be something wrong with Jira itself (either a bug or configuration problem). Either way, it needs to be sorted out for everyone’s sake. :disappointed: