Coding Challenges

I had meant to post this up as a fun coding challenge last Thursday. I went as far as isolating a list of length 5 words from a file on the github pages, but then ran out of time.

Just now I see the humorous saga has been wrapped up into a video to explain the shenanigans.

Basically Matt Parker of standupmaths set a python program running over a month, to find sets of 5 x 5 letter words that don’t repeat any letters.

And of course, people took that as a challenge, and hijinks ensued.

Now the resultant run times cover 9 orders of magnitude, so seems like a good candidate for trying a program in Delphi and seeing how you do for time.

Today’s link …

A list of length 5 words from the github page …

Original video …

5 seconds in my head fixing his dodgy solution
Maybe he should have started with a better list
Okay VIBES is a bit slangish