Component for custom syntax highlighting

Hi all,
I’m writing a build system converter, which takes semi-automatically parses a bespoke undocumented system (written in Lua) and converts/configures/builds it in CMake, Meson, etc.

I’m thinking a nice feature would be the ability to have some custom source language-specific fomatting, similar to those supported in Notepad++, VSCode and so on.

I found this for QT but am a bit shy (aka lazy) when it comes to translating others code if someone has already done it

I also note that TMS’s TADvMemo and TAdvSQLMemoStyler component does do a few file formats but I doubt that it does Lua/CMake

So just wondering if anyone has any idea how to solve the issue of viewing Lua/CMake/other file formats in Delphi’s FMX framework?

Synedit does syntax highlighting … can you use that or look at the highlighting files … ?

This is the file for Pascal … SynEdit/SynHighlighterPas.pas at master · SynEdit/SynEdit · GitHub

and people seem to have had a crack at Lua …

Perhaps best → luaedit/LuaSyntax.pas at master · luaforge/luaedit · GitHub

I can’t see a cmake highlight file, but there is SynGen for creating a highlighter from provided information …

Thanks Paul
I might investigate this, but it’s a nice-to-have feature only. In any case, I’ll need to get my head around the build systems syntax first.

After reviewing a few of these videos I’m beginning to realise how lucky us Rad Studio users have been with the easy to use Delphi-style GUI project manager Window and easy to read .*proj files