Continua CI Demo files and links

Hi All

The files and slides from the demo demo last night can be found here:

Demo Repository (slides are an html file in the slides folder)


The demo repository also contains an exported project from Continua (.yaml file) in the build folder that you can import (under Admin, Import/Export) to get you up an running quicker, as I did have to wiz through things pretty quickly and I realise it’s a lot to take in.

Free version of Continua CI

You just need to download the server as it includes the agent installer. Continua server needs a share folder (must be a folder on the server) which it uses to share files/source with the agent, and the Agent needs a Workspace folder - where it actually checks out the files to build into.

Continua CI will run on Windows 8.1/Server 2012 or later. You do need IIS installed, the installer will check the requirements, there is documentation worth reading if you are unsure


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