D11.2 (Alexandria) Library Path 64 Bit

I thought I’d have a go at compiling a 64 bit version of one of my application in D11.2 but was immediately greeted with “cannot find xxxx” errors. It was referring to some TMS units. When I checked the 64 bit library path, it had only a few entries compared to the 32 bit path.

After trying to work out what the missing ones were, I reinstalled one of the TMS component packs and the 64 bit path now contained the required entries. I’ll have to do the same for the other TMS packs.

I thought that maybe the 64 bit path got clobbered when I did the D11.1 to D11.2 upgrade (and the TMS packs are not via GetIt), but the Jedi JCL and JVCL packs are also affected and they were installed again via GetIt after the upgrade.

This happened on both machines I have D11.2 on. Has anyone else seen this? Could it be related to also having Delphi XE (no 64 bit) installed ?

This is a known issue with 11.x - installing 11.2 clobbers the 64bit library path. Yet another reason not to use the librart path, use the project search path instead.

OK, good to know it wasn’t something I did wrong. I’ve just reinstalled TMS, MadExcept etc and it’s all good now.

I also had to rebuild my 64bit library for most packages. Just reinstalled TMS to get that right.

It’s a bug that’s getting old already :frowning:

Vote for this if you wish a less troublesome upgrade process in the future:


This affects all library paths except win32, at least historically it did from at least 10.3 or maybe earlier. If you use Linux like us it has the same effect.
For me it shows a lack of focus when time was spent making plugins for the welcome screen which I suspect will be just a gimmick and rarely used, instead of fixing bugs that hamper either the installation experience or the day to day use of the product.

But it’s not getting lonely - there are plenty of other aged bugs :face_exhaling: