David Millington - lunch and chat - Perth ADUG

Friday 30th Sep** to meet David Millington from Embarcadero.

We are going to meet at / just before 2pm at GRILL’D in Leederville, to pick a nearby location for lunch and chat for an hour or two.
Streetview suggests it should be easy enough to locate …

David has a lot of Delphi, C++Builder, and Embarcadero experience. His personal website : https://parnassus.co/
He has been traveling around the state, and has a bit of time here in Perth to spare.
David is the C++Builder product manager, and also creator of the Bookmarks, Navigator, and now Thread-debugging plugins for the Delphi IDE.


Thanks Paul! Short notice, sorry for that. It’s a personal trip home to Australia and thought it’d be good to meet up with anyone who’s here in Perth.

Come along for a chat. I also look after the IDE, including things like DelphiLSP, the debuggers, and more. But we can chat about any part of Delphi / C++Builder.


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