DDD Melbourne - Saturday, 16 March 2024

I saw this mentioned on LinkedIn, after checking it out … I think it deserves a mention.
I was tempted to place it in the ‘Meetings’ section.

  • It seems to have been going for years
  • I may have read attendance was over 1000 people previously (but check my ‘facts’)
  • It only costs $80 for the day
  • 26 talks being given in total, over 4 streams
  • There seem to be good topics for all developers
  • I see DevExpress are a major sponsor
  • Imho, it is very rewarding to mix with more developers … maybe outside our current circles
  • It’s Australian :slight_smile:

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Keynote: Julie Lerman

Will AI Coding Assistants like GitHub CoPilot Make Me Irrelevant?

Chris Schaller

Scaling a Monolith - What to expect if your product idea actually takes off

Векослав Стефановски

Functional Programming for mere mortals

Akshata Sawant

Zero Trust Security for your APIs

Samaa Kanani

One password to rule them all (for a few minutes)

Garima Singh

Coding your Career: Navigating and Evolving your Career

Michael Crook

The way you write dotnet is about to fundamentally change

Simone Bennett

Automate Your Way to a Zen-Like Workday

Aman Sharma

Making Web more Native

Susan Brander

Continuous Improvement: Crafting the Habit of Self-Development

Ted Tencza

Technical Interview Processes - Surely We Can Do Better

Jaswanth Manigundan

Take your first step towards observability for your automated tests.

Rebecca Scott

Minimum Viable Programmer

Sarah Young

Arbitrary code execution, I choose you!

Aaron Powell

I’ve burnt out, now what

Andrew Murphy

Building a Culture of Healthy Conflict in Tech Teams

Baruch Sadogursky

DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!)

Mark Cheeseman

Why is Functional Programming so Hard?

James Hercock, James Trotter

Choose your own pen-test adventure!

Peter Eijgermans

Micro Frontends in Action!

Arjan Noordhoek

System Thinking and Event Driven Architecture

Selena Small, Michael Milewski

Developer Smackdown

Shaw Innes

Documentation for Developers

Donna Edwards, Akanksha Malik, Gretchen Scott

Navigating salary reviews and promotions in a climate of redundancies.

Julian Burr

“Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?” — The Weird Shapes We Use To Talk About Testing

Locknote: Ivan Sun

Software Disasters for Fun, Horror and Enlightenment

Again, in the direction of awareness of the wider programming community … something I knew nothing about …

Rebecca Waters
Today marks my final day of chairing DDD WA, running DDD Perth.
I’ve loved working with this conference, and seeing it grow from the first year I was involved:
2017: a conference of 330 people

2023: a conference of 1400 people

Fun facts:

:microphone: Every year since 2018, the submission count has stayed around 200 submissions to speak.

:coffee: We have the equivalent of three cafes serving coffee all day and it’s still barely enough.

:earth_asia: People legitimately travel from other countries to come to DDD Perth. :exploding_head:

Together, we’ve built this conference into something truly amazing. I love it, and I’m so pleased to welcome a new Chair, and committee, to bring it further forward, on the cusp of the 10 year anniversary. I truly believe that the next phase of DDD Perth will be all the more amazing from having fresh ideas and dreams.

2023 Programme : Agenda - DDD Perth

The released DDD recordings …