Delphi 11.2 stability

Anyone else having issues with D11.2 stability?
I have many AV’s, crashes, lockups and just the whole thing disappearing in the middle of things. Every day.

Yesterday changing any property at design time would take 5+ seconds to register (working on a frame). That’s a new one…

Are Embarcadero changing things in the background? It appears to me this is getting worse. A month or so ago there didn’t appear to be any problems at all. I had recommended this to others, now I’m starting to regret it.

I think Delphi 11.2 does have a few issues. I suggest you report any problems you have to the Embarcadero Quality Portal, with as much useful detail as possible to help them find and fix the problems you are having.

The last patch was released on Oct 4 - which you would have had to manually install from GetIt.

My main issue with 11.2 right now is the LSP instability - it just stops working after a while (sometimes a few minutes) and the ctr+click not working is infuriating. Restart LSP or the IDE and it might work for a short while again… but inevitably it stops working before I do.

Looking at this post by Marco

there is another update for 11.x coming - whether that will address the issues with LSP :man_shrugging:

Yes, LSP is also a problem here. Very frustrating…
I will try to report the issues, one issue is the IDE completely gone. No warning, no errors to report. The other is lockups, again no error, just locked up. Tried leaving it for 10s of minutes, no change. Have to kill it. Both of these issues means losing any unsaved work. :frowning: