Delphi 12 - cant undock or resize debugger panels

I did a clean install of Delphi 12 and found that I can not resize the debug windows (breakpoints, watches, local variables, call stack)

I have these stacked vertically in a window.

In Delphi 11, I could resize them easily but in Delphi 12 the title bars and resizer bar are not visible so I can not resize them. I also can not remove them from the stack

Is there any way to resize them in Delphi 12 ?

It gets worse. Sometimes the window goes blank and I cant get them back - like this :

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Yes, dock panels in RS 12 Athens is a mess.

See my Embarcadero Quality Portal issue (and please vote for it!). Here is a link:

Bad Docking in RS 12

Docking kinda sorta works if you dock the debug/design panels to the main IDE form. That looks really ugly on a dual 4K monitor.

In RS 11 I created a floating form on the right hand monitor and placed all the docking panels on that one. That maximized the Editor/visual designer and left room on the right monitor for email and other stuff. That no longer works in RS 12.

This is about the best you can do in RS 12

Thanks Kevin. Good to know it is not just me experiencing this issue.

I added my vote and comments to the support ticket

Thanks for the vote!

The bug has been updated to say it is fixed in Delphi 12.1 Athens

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Thanks for the heads-up Scott. I downloaded the 12.1 ISO yesterday but haven’t had a chance to install it. I am a lot more motivated to do that now :slight_smile: