Delphi 29th Anniversary

Webinar online (2am WA time, 5am Eastern time)

@ianbarker has promised information, entertainment, and shenanigans.

Embarcadero have built QUITE THE WEB SITE here :

I got sidetracked this morning … first searching out pictures of the Scotts Valley Borland campus, as seen on the linked page. Then newspaper articles “32 acre Borland purchase” etc. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you like the site. We still have some more bits to add, but it is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

It is a nightmare looking into the history of Borland, CodeGear, Imprise, Embarcadero etc etc. For most companies and products you can find one or two photos from the past - for Delphi there are bazillions.

@ianbarker … Turbo Pascal program that has been used every day from 1990 … until right now :slight_smile:

Nearly 13,000 days of use.

(and, by good design, was very easily updated for GST in 2000)

HOLY MOLY that’s a long time. Borland really got it right with Turbo Pascal didn’t they? I’ve had so many emails and comments from people waxing lyrical about the halcyon days of TP and how it launched them on the path to being a coder/developer. It’s pretty amazing to see that screenshot showing a TP program still running! :heart: