Delphi Analyst/Programmer Database WFH Part-time

We are developing a system called Active Structure. It reads English text and transforms it into a structure of nodes, links and operators, which can be activated.
To be sufficiently flexible, it needs a database which can store and retrieve information on any sort of object - a person - Millie from Accounts, a town or city, including population and location - Strasbourg, a state - Lower Saxony, a country - El Salvador, a planet - Saturn. It would need to handle a midsized business, and later up to a corporation with tens of thousands of employees.
The database will need to be unusually flexible in what it can transmit and receive, and create new objects in the network. Given the range of objects that can appear in text, it will be necessary to draw a line between objects that can appear in a database, and ones that need to be read about in Wikipedia. You will be involved in drawing this line. You will need to understand the theory of databases in depth to do this.

In addition to its own integrated database, a financial application being developed will require toy versions of a large bank’s databases.

Assume 50 days in the first six months, with ongoing maintenance after that.

If you are experienced in Delphi and databases, have English as a first language and are fluent in its logic (that is, propositional, existential, temporal), and feel you can contribute on what will be a challenging task, check our website ( and drop us a line, describing your relevant experience and daily rate.

All Responses should be sent to

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