Delphi Coding Bootcamp 2023

Started 11pm (WA) last night.

It crept up on me, because just before this they published DelphiCon highlights, from earlier in the year, to YouTube.

Particularly good presentation from Alister Christie on sharing Delphi via web, social media, and publishing.


Why work hard? How to be a lazy coder and still create beautiful apps and a stack of money – Ian Barker

Share Your Delphi Knowledge – Alister Christie

OAuth 2: authenticate web, mobile and desktop apps safely from a single server – Wagner Landgraf

InterBase Driver for Python – Priyatham

Introduction to XML Mapper – Roger Swann

Let’s create a space computer (again) – Ian Barker


Using Background-Threads to Keep Your UI Responsive – Olaf Monien

How to create powerful dynamic web apps the easy way (with TMS WEB Core) – Holger Flick

Getting Started with Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi – Richard Hatheral

CodeDroidAI: AI Code Generation For Delphi – Eli M.

How secure is your app? The easy way to find security holes and hidden backdoors – Ian Barker

InterBase Developers Guide to Getting Started – Stephen Ball


Mastering XML - the most robust data exchange format in the world - Miguel Angel Moreno

Mobile Apps Development with Delphi FireMonkey (FMX) - Softacom

Client server made easy with the Socket Messaging library - Patrick Prémartin

Delphi and OpenAI – a blessing or a curse? - Marco Geuze

NexusDB 20 years and still the best DBMS Choice for Delphi and C++Builder Programmers - Geoff Harris

Stable Diffusion: Open Source Cross-Platform Desktop Client - Eli M


How to use design patterns and unit tests to create quality systems - Cesar Romero

Extending existing platforms into the Cloud with Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi - Richard Hatherall

Mobile Apps Development with Delphi FireMonkey (FMX) - Maxim Pasukhin

How to create a responsive design in a FireMonkey application - Patrick Prémartin

Project Phoenix: Turbo-charging P4D for Business Applications via integration of NexusDB into P4D - Geoff Harris

Everything you need to know about databases (but was afraid to ask) - Ziad Allaghi

The EASY no-code way to work with databases - Ian Barker

Nice to see NEXUS DB gunna be presented in the early hours, Aussie time. :+1:

Dammit. Missed a day. :slightly_smiling_face:


How to make your apps look like a million dollars – Ray Konopka

Fast Report+IWSession – George De Luca

Auth made easy with Amazon Cognito and Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi – Richard Hatheral

How to create a mobile app from a Figma design – Glenn Duffke

Component Building Fundamentals – Ray Konopka

Building apps for Raspberry Pi from Delphi – Bruno Fierens

Ray Konopka on UI and Styles is always good …

Video timecode : 00:04:00

and blog :

But Ray on Component Fundamentals … super awesome IMO.

Video timecode : 04:00:00

and very soon on his blog page.