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(titles translated to english …)

Make a select list of files and folders with FireMonkey
Promo Verif
Exe Bulk signing
Teaser DX Books
Why should one use Delphi and learn Pascal?
Automatically Translate Your Programs With DeepL API
Why shouldn’t an override be needed on the Create classes?
Creating A Simple Web Server With WebBroker
DelphiCon 2023
Internationalize VCL / FMX projects
An FMX style is not a CSS style sheet
Where do you find the sprites and designs for your video games?
Use multiple windows in a Delphi FireMonkey application
Download Delphi for free and learn to program
How to use AJAX from JavaScript to display data from an external API
Let’s replace Google Analytics with Matomo and make some badges in the format of
What’s new in Alexandria 11.2?
What are 9 Patch images?
Caches to speed up displays and save CPU
Batch management of blogs and import of Github projects on Zone-Abo
Importing a user’s GitHub project list for Zone-Abo
Development of Zone-Abo blog management batches
Tests, fixes, adjustments and new features on the new blogging platform
Creation of the new blog template from the original Bloginus Bootstrap theme
Creation of the NoSQL data migration module from the Bloginus CMS to an SQL database
Adaptation of the page table to migrate blogs from Bloginus to a new backoffice
Adaptation of the video table to migrate blogs from Bloginus to a new backoffice
Adaptation of the projects table to migrate blogs from Bloginus to a new backoffice
Implementation of the project for the migration of blogs from Bloginus
Locations in Zone Abo
Eliminate old icons in Android deployment from Delphi
Creation of utilities for developers of software and mobile applications
Follow the design and development of the Pairpix video game from A to Z
Re-encoding of webinar and conference videos
Learn how to capture software screens and stream them to a server
Planning API project development videos uploaded
22842 minutes of videos available on the site (more than 6 days)
Developer FAQ
Advent of Code 2021 is over but not for us
Learn how to program a 2D RPG-like video game with Delphi
Online release of Blotatris development videos for the Kenney Jam 2021
Learn To Code Summer Camp 2021 videos uploaded
Online release of game coding weekend streams during the WaveInParis operation for the benefit of Aides
Up to date on conferences and webinars
See or review the development of the Spooch video game
Reassembly of replays concerning Tetris Like
Our last game coding Sunday is online
The live replay of Thursday, June 3, 2021 on the Button Generator project is online
Delphi coding live streams on Twitch are all live
The replay of my live weekend for the benefit of Sidaction is online
Replays of live coding and game dev sessions on Twitch in March are available for members
February 2021 live coding session replays online
Designing a teasing game
Online replay of the presentation of May 20, 2021 on the TControlList by Serge Girard
“Where Is Bernie” video game coding replay at Global Game Jam 2021
The 2020 webinar replays are live.
Replays of the 2019 webinars and conferences are online.
Launch of the Serial Streameur website
Replays of the 2018 webinars and conferences are online.
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 6 - full live)
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 5)
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 4)
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 3)
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 2)
Development of the RezEmploi project (part 1)
Development of Eggpaq (part 5): mainly corrections and adjustments
Development of Eggpaq (part 4): adjustments to the game screen and the calculation of scores
Development of Eggpaq (part 3): the mechanics of the game and its main loop
Development of Eggpaq (part 2): finalization of visual elements, display of graphic fonts then coding of welcome screens and credits
Development of Eggpaq (part 1): video game specs, image search, setting up the project and sprite sheets
Capture the screen of a software to broadcast it elsewhere (part 2)
Colblor game development (part 4)
Making web servers in Delphi? It’s possible.
Libraries and components
Last adjustments before validation of the “about” dialog box component (part 5)
Dependencies and conflicts between units and frameworks on our dialog component (part 4)
Switching from VCL to FireMonkey on the “about” dialog component (part 3)
Using list of strings and images as properties of our “about” VCL component (part 2)
Designing an “about” dialog box in VCL and its non-visual component (part 1)
Web Task Scheduler icon design in Pic Mob Generator
Added support for SVG files as icon layers in Pic Mob Generator (part 6)
Added ICO and ICNS formats to icon export in Pic Mob Generator (part 5)
Setting up icon generation in Pic Mob Generator (part 4)
Setting up icon preview in Pic Mob Generator (part 3)
Pic Mob Generator project storage format definition and icon creation screens (part 2)
Launching the Pic Mob Generator project (part 1)
Development of Web Task Scheduler (part 8)
Addition of features on Pic Mob Generator then put into practice on the Memory game
Coding in Delphi on DeepL library, Delphi component “About” and Web Task Scheduler
Video game development during the #WaveInParis operation for the benefit of the Aides association (part 3)
“About” dialog box (Delphi VCL and FMX component)
Can we use the SDL graphics library in Delphi?
Pic Mob Generator
Development of Web Task Scheduler (part 3)
Development of Web Task Scheduler (part 5)
Development of Web Task Scheduler (part 4)
Development of Web Task Scheduler (part 2)

In March 2020, during the early covid period, he published 30 videos, 2hrs per day, 5 days per week on learning Delphi … :sunglasses: